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Create an edible garden that works in harmony with nature to grow an abundance of tasty food

Do you want to grow food but don't know where to start?

Wondering where the best place is for a veggie garden, a fruit tree or a food forest?

Whether you are starting from scratch, or you want to improve your existing food garden, A SIMPLE design means you can maximise your TIME, SPACE and MONEY, and grow MORE food with less work and more FUN!

You will come away with a sketch design of your edible garden.

You will get...

Video trainings

Short video trainings (1 hour in total) to take you through each step quickly and easily.

  • Sketch out your space in ten minutes
  • Create a simple sun map
  • Design your garden

PDF downloads

  • Written instructions for sketching your space

  • Directory of design elements (veggie beds, edible borders, food forests, vertical growing, containers)


If you get stuck, need encouragement or feedback then you can post in my Facebook Group, and I will be happy to help πŸ’š

Keep it simple

You don't need a fancy design to grow a beautiful, abundant edible garden.

Your garden and its layout will evolve over time, as you get to know what works, and what you like.

I've used this simple method to design many gardens and I've found its all most people need to get started.


SAVE money by avoiding costly mistakes


Maximise your SPACE and TIME


Avoid overwhelm and EASILY decide where to plant for success

Design your abundant edible garden and get growing! 🌱

Includes lifetime access to the course, updates and future live rounds.Β 

What people are saying

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I’ve completed my plan! I’ve really enjoyed your videos and the challenge - I wouldn’t have known where to start without it.

I’m very new to all this but I completed the tasks really easily and really enjoyed it.

You explained things really well and the videos weren’t ever too long or boring.

β€” Lucy Richardson

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I had been wanting to create a veggie patch in my garden for ten years. I had all the books but felt so overwhelmed that I never got started.

Now I have a plan for which feels doable and practical. It's been nine days and my raised bed is here!!!!! I cannot express how good it feels.

If you have been wanting to start growing your own food and need a helping hand, Caroline is amazing. She makes overwhelming things sound simple and is a mine of information.

β€” Ange De Lumiere

Who is this for?


Hello! I'm Caroline Scott, and over the past 15 years I have helped hundreds of people to design and set up edible gardens.

I love to simplify food growing with easy practical steps, and help people to create gardens that work in harmony WITH nature, to grow MORE food with LESS work and more fun! 

As an intuitive gardener I use food growing and foraging to connect to nature on a deeper level, which is healing to both body and mind.

I have a vision of cities overflowing with fruit and vegetables, and a patchwork farm of edible gardens, healing people and the planet. I would love you to be part of this!

Design your edible garden now!

Design your abundant edible garden and get growing! 🌱

Includes lifetime access to the course, updates and future live rounds.Β